Green Videos

On this page you will find videos about paper, its environmental impacts, greener alternatives, innovative ideas on how to use it more sustainably with a focus on the publishing industry and much more.

HowStuffWorks Show: Episode 3: Paper Pulp

Learn the process for making paper pulp in this clip from the "HowStuffWorks" show on Discovery Channel.


Recycled Paper Vs. Virgin Paper

This video compares virgin paper to recycled paper and shows which one is better for the environment and why. After watching you will see that recycled paper uses less energy thereby producing less carbon emissions , making it much more environmentally friendly.


The Secret Life of Paper - A Project of Inform, Inc.

How is paper production related to forest destruction and global warming? Why is recycling and buying recycled paper important?


Turning the Page

An introduction to the global conservation work of members of Environmental Paper Network, a powerful and unique coalition working to advance social and environmental transformation in the pulp and paper industry to safeguard our climate and protect endangered forests and communities. Thank you for giving us a few moments of your time to learn about our important work. For more information visit

Essperso Book Machin Version 2.0

Overview of the Espresso Book Machine Version 2.0 by On Demand Books.



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