The benefits of balancing out your books by planting trees
with Eco-Libris:

For you

Eco-Libris gives you the opportunity to make a difference. If you want to take responsibility for your environmental impact and make your lifestyle greener, Eco-Libris is a natural place for you to turn to. Eco-Libris offers you much more than just a good feeling.


Become part of the solution – you hold the key for a better future. We all do. By balancing out your books with Eco-Libris, you adopt a new and more sustainable approach that is required now more then ever.


Make a positive impact on global warming. Everyone is talking about global warming - by planting new trees, you actually do something about it.


Receive Eco-Libris stickers to put on the books you balance out so you can proudly display your commitment to the environment


For the environment

Deforestation continues at an unacceptable rate. Between 1990 and 2005 the net loss of forest areas was 18 million acres a year globally. By planting trees with Eco-Libris, you will not only take part in the fight to change this trend, but also benefit the environment in many ways:


Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels (CO2 - a major greenhouse gas contributing to global warming).


Fighting the destruction of forests in regions which are losing their forest areas at the highest rates, such as Latin America and Africa.


Planting ecologically appropriate tree species.


Increasing the (total) biomass and productivity of the regions in which the trees will be planted.


Providing homes for endangered species of plants and animals.


Reducing soil erosion.


Giving farmers alternatives to slash-and-burn farming.
For communities

The trees that will balance out your books will also help communities in developing countries like Guatemala, Honduras and Malawi. The reforestation and planting activities are done in collaboration and with the involvement and support of local communities. For them, more trees mean a chance for a better life. Your trees will give these communities significant benefits, including:


Protection of important water resources.


Help in decreasing the chances for natural disasters such as floods.


Improvement of crops: some trees are interplanted with crops to conserve the soil and organically fertilize the crops.


Education for increased awareness to the importance of conserving natural resources.


Fruit trees provide additional food and income.


Empowerment for the adoption of sustainable land-use practices.




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