Book Clubs

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We looove book clubs! What a great way to combine reading, learning and some fun sociable time?

Whether it's an online club for science fiction fans or an enthusiastic group of romance readers, book clubs always get two thumbs up from us.

And what could be better than to combine your love for books with your care for the environment by balancing out the books you all read? We will be more than happy to assist your book club to go green and to support the environment. By joining with us, you will be ensuring that the copies of the books being discussed in your meetings will all be balanced out by planting trees in developing countries. Your club members will also receive Eco-Libris stickers to put on their books, proudly showing their commitment to the environment.

To join the program or to learn more, drop us an email at

Your friends at the book club are going to love it!

What can we do for you?

• Balance out all the books read by club members in the club's meetings throughout the year.

• Provide club members with Eco-Libris stickers to put on all the books that have been balanced out.

• Easy process in which you pay once a year for balancing out the books and receive all the stickers at once.

Benefits to book clubs:

• Balancing out the major environmental impacts of the club.

• Taking action to benefit the environment and fight deforestation and climate change.

• Becoming part of a growing number of green book clubs that balance out all the books they read and discuss on their meetings.

• Supporting local communities in developing countries, for whom these trees offer many benefits and an opportunity for a better future.

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