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1. Independent bookstores need a war plan and they need it now!

The news in the last 48 hours on the closing of two independent bookstores, Tree House Books (Holland, MI) and Rodney's Bookstore (Cambridge, MA) got me to realize it's time for independent bookstores to prepare a war plan.

2. How green is your iPad? Analysis of the iPad's environmental report (Part 1)

Apple published on its website the iPad's environmental report , and for us this is a great opportunity to find out more answers in our quest to determine if the iPad, Kindle and other e-Book readers are a greener way to read books comparing with physical books.

3. Is there a future for Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores? Is it a green one?

Can bookstores succeed in the digital age of eBooks and growing online purchases? And what will they sell exactly? will it be mainly books just like today? These questions are no longer asked just about independent small bookstores, but also about b ig book chains like Barnes & Noble and Borders.

4. Can book publishers build an effective green brand?

For a long time I'm occupied with the question ' Can book publishers build an effective green brand? '. I mean we have green brands on almost every market possible, but books have a very unique nature that differentiate them from most of the products we regular consume. To better understand it, let's have a look at the factors that influence people's buying decisions when they purchase books.

5. New report finds Kindle greener than physical books - is that really so?

On August 19 Cleantech Group published a report that was supposed to put an end to an ongoing debate on the question if the Kindle and other e-readers are actually greener than physical books. The release's title was "E-readers a win for carbon emissions ." It was supposed to be the life cycle analysis many people, including myself were waiting for.

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